Micrometeorological Measurements on Pianosa island
(July 11 - July 25, 2006)


In brief:
The field campaign took place on Pianosa island in cooperation with CNR/IBIMET Firenze. The existing micrometeorological measurements of PianosaLAB were extended for a short period, in order to estimate the sensible heat budget of the island.  During the campaign,  the annual field course on measurement and  instrumentation for students of the MCRLab (Uni Basel) was carried out.

University of Basel (Florian Imbery, Sara Koller, Irene Lehner, Dominik Michel, Roland Vogt) 
TU Dresden (Christian Bernhofer)
Universita di Padova (Andrea Pitacco)
University of Strasbourg (Francoise Nerry, Caroline Marlot, Frédéric Glasser)
CNR/IBIMET Firenze (Franco Miglietta, Francesco Sabatini, Francesco P. Vaccari, Alessandro Zaldei)


final report radio sonde measurements from TU Dresden (in German)

panoramas        PoP

concerning the field course:
Themen    WoherWohin    VonderWindeverdreht Markus_Roger  Konferenz-Plakat

Macchia Orto North Balloooon
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17.10.2006 RV Institute of Meteorology, Climatology and Remote Sensing, University of Basel
Credits for fotos: Christian Bernhofer, Florian Imbery, Irene Lehner, Roland Vogt, N.N.