Klingelbergstrasse Dach Klingelbergstrasse Strasse Klingelbergstrasse Hinterhof
Aeschenplatz Leonhard Binningen Lange Erlen


Temperature and rel. humidity Precipitation and evaporation Wind and air pressure Radiation Energy fluxes Fog and clouds Status

Basel is the main location of the MCR Lab (Meteorology climate and remote sensing lab). Thus, many station are located within or close to Basel. For an overview of the network's distribution see the corresponding map Often times, these also run for an extended period rather than just a few weeks or months. Within the geographic area different station surroundings are included, for examlpe the rural station Lange Erlen and the urban Station such as the roof of the Klingelbergstrasse. This allows to find and visualise difference, for example the widely known urban heat island effect, which is a, compared to the rural station, hotter air temperature at urban stations during the night. Furthermore, as the city is very heteregeneous, other stations can help in grasping the subtle difference arising from this special surface.