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Gobabeb (Research Center) is an important location for the MCR in Namibia. Stations are deployed in arid environments, which are often underrepresented in measurement networks. The station in Gobabeb is located near the divide between stone and sand desert and thus offers unique opportunities.

The station for the BSRN (Baseline Surface Radiation Network), also called "On the Rocks" is part of the afore mentioned network. The goal of the network is the collection and provision of radiation data with exceptional quality. Other stations in the campaign Gobabeb are part of the FOGNET project, which is focused on the measurement fog in the unique eco system of the desert: The cold Benguala current in combination with the hot and dry air often results in fog coming from the sea during the morning hours. Many organism that habit the Namib are adapted to this regular phenomenon and have adapted to collect water, respectively enhance fog precipitation by different path way. Satellite imagery allows for tracking of coastal fog on its way into the hinterlands, but ground based control is still a requirement. This yields a higher temporal resolution, albeit with higher costs and less spatial extent.